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Strike Apparel was born in San Diego, California, and established in 2018. Since its inception, Strike Apparel has been designed with the adventurer in mind. Whether you're chasing blue skies or mountain highs, Strike Apparel has the right apparel for your epic adventures. Our exclusive shirts are a must-have for your next adventure. 

Many of our designs are born out of photographs taken on our own adventures. Meant to inspire and trigger your own desires to chase excitement and fun experiences, we are honored to celebrate the adventurer that lies within each of us. 

Believing the uniqueness of each person should be celebrated,

owner and founder Juliann Johnson, began  individually tie dyeing original Strike shirts. What started out as a simple, creative expression has since turned into one of Strike Apparel's most popular offerings.

Each of our Strike Apparel tie dyed shirts is hand dyed right here in

San Diego, California.  This process ensures that no two tie dyed,

Strike shirts will ever be truly identical, but 

each will instead be entirely unique, just like each of you.


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